Colorado Coconut films have shown at sailing events throughout the United States, Canada, several European countries and Australia, here are some of the comments we have recieved...


"The topic is unique and fun...scenery is spectacular and the music is first rate throughout!"
-Gary Jobson; TV commentator, Americas Cup Champion, sailing author


"This movie is a really fun way to see Colorado sailboat racing up close, without getting cold or wet!"
-Jim Capron, President US Sailing


"...By the way you do nice work!"
-Danny Cinematographer/Producer ABC, CBS, NBC Sports, ESPN, VERSUS, Outdoor Channel, A&F, Discovery, etc.


"Colorado Wind is GREAT! I really enjoyed it . It was exciting, you had some really remarkable footage. It made me want to sail and to get closer to the other sailors. The lightning shot when they're walking down the dock is wild! Overall, I am really impressed. You have interesting subject matter, beautiful and exciting visuals and it is really well edited. I can see the time investment you have in this, and it is well worth it. I've watched it a couple of times and I have a genuine appreciation for a well done sailing piece. You are doing wonderful work. There is an obvious natural talent in your storytelling sensibilities. You have the visual element covered, timing in the editing is like a drumbeat- a heartbeat- for the piece, and yours flowed like the music, This cannot be taught. "
-Lynn, movie director, California


 "...I can vouch for the excitment and accurcy of the portrayl. Think Warren Miller on liquid water...You guys are a valuable resource for the sport. In the same way that Meyer writes clearly about ski are able to capture sailboat racings essence on video."
-Ralph, Colorado


"I watched one of your sailing movies. I was stunned! I get to see a little of COWES each year, those are the races south of England. There is an occasional rush when two look like they are heading for each other. BUT NOTHING like a windy day on a Colorado lake. Vince has been away, cannot wait to show him. You are both maniacs! The video is outstanding, it worked. I was gripped! Let me know when there is another one to view. This time I will be prepared and buckle my seat belt before I start
-Susan, London, England


"My boat has been out of the water all winter and to get back into the spirit of sailing I watch these videos, if they don't make you want to get back out onto the water, I don't know what will"
-Ross, Sailing Association of Intermountian Lakes Commodore


"In Arizona we have been hugely impressed with your new video. As someone who has toiled in TV for many years I really admire what you are able to do, I'd like your permission to show it at our local yacht club."

"Got your suburb DVD in the mail and its even better with full sound and rez. We plan to show it at our membership meeting Tuesday and I'm sure it'll get a standing ovation."
-Mike, Arizona


"This is more that excellent. It captures the spirit, fun, excitement and challenges. I have become a Mac Man last year and tried to make some home videos and really appreciate the skills in photography, ediiting and music enhancement. You are a genius and we are lucky to have you in our sailing world. Thanks again."
Gary S Oklahoma



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